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Picture your home peacefully and comfortably. Now, take a second to imagine the chaos of having urine on your couch. Urine stains may not only be embarrassing, but they can also cause a terrible smell and even permanent damage to the fabric of your sofa. But how can you be certain that your cleaning efforts won’t do more harm than good?

It can be a daunting task to clean it up, but don’t worry! This guide will provide a simple and effective solution to tackle the challenge of neutralizing urine odors on your sofa. So keep reading to find more!

5 Steps To Neutralize Urine Odors On Your Sofa

  1. Identify The Source Of The Urine Stains Or Odor

First, identify where the urine is coming from. You can do this by using a black light or UV flashlight to locate the source of stains and odors. Also, make sure to put on some protective gloves before investigating the source; not being careful could lead to infection.

  1. Take The Stained Cushion Off The Lounge

If you can manage it, please remove the stained cushion from the lounge. This will make the process much easier, as you can clean it in an open area. Plus, you’ll be able to target the stain more precisely. If unable to remove the cushion, the best option can be to leave it to professionals to avoid damaging other areas of the sofa.

  1. Dab The Surface With A Dry Rag Or Paper Towel To Absorb Any Excess Moisture

Blot the urine stains with a paper towel to eliminate as much moisture as possible. This will help prevent further liquid from seeping into the foam and make the stains and smells harder to remove.

  1. Create A Cleaning Solution And Scrub The Area

Put 1:3 parts vinegar and filtered water in a spray bottle to create a solution, and spray generously on that stubborn stain. Then, take a brush and gently scrub to start removing the mark. It’s important to remember that any dried stains may need more spraying to rewet so they can be removed easily.

  1. Let It Dry Completely

Now it’s time to let the area dry out completely. Once that is complete, you should vacuum the couch to remove any remaining dirt and debris. In case of not being able to do it properly, carpet cleaning professionals can be your most reliable option to ensure that the Surface of your sofa stays clean and free of odors.

Ensure The Best Results; Call Upholstery Cleaning Experts!

Although tackling urine stain removal from your couch on your own may seem a good idea, it’s not always the best decision. Calling a professional carpet cleaning company like Clover Carpet Cleaning can ensure that your furniture is free of odors or stains. We have the necessary tools and techniques to guarantee the best results.

We’re reliable upholstery cleaning experts who have helped homeowners keep their homes looking their best for many years. We offer various services, from carpet cleaning to water removal. We’ll help you keep your carpets, rugs, and upholstery in immaculate condition. You can count on us whether it’s water removal or other cleaning services!

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