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When it comes to your home, it’s crucial to keep things clean and tidy – not only for appearance’s sake, but for your family’s health. Cleaning is one way to prevent the spread of germs and illness and helps keep your home looking its best. However, when cleaning your home, there are a few things you should avoid mixing.

If you’re not careful, mixing cleaning products can have dangerous consequences. And if you’re worried about all the cleaning products you’ve mixed in the past, don’t be because we’re here to help. This article will cover the best cleaning tips to prevent accidents by mixing hazardous materials. Keep reading!

Cleaning Products You Should Never Mix

When cleaning, you should avoid mixing some products to keep your family, pets, and home safe. Here is a list of products that you should never mix:

Baking Soda And Vinegar

When you add baking soda and vinegar, they neutralize their pH levels to leave the water and sodium acetate mostly pure. The resulting solution is used for cleaning; it makes an excellent spray bottle story force that leaves your home smelling fresh without any harmful chlorine molecules lurking around.

Bleach And Vinegar

Chlorine gas is not only dangerous to your lungs and eyes, but it can also cause chemical burns on contact. Disinfectants like bleach are great for getting rid of dirt or bacteria in the home; however, when mixed with vinegar, they produce Chlorine dioxide, which has been shown to damage DNA cell structures leading up to cancer cells. 

Ammonia And Bleach

Studies have shown that bleach and ammonia together can make your windows clearer without any chemical residue left behind on them. However, some serious risks involve using common household products like bleach and ammonia. The gas can cause shortness of breath or chest pain for those who breathe in its fumes.

Hydrogen Peroxide And Vinegar

Hydrogen peroxide and vinegar are both safe to use on their own. Still, when combined, they can create dangerous chemical mixtures. This creates a risk of corrosion damage that will remove any stain-fighting properties from the mix.

Hire Professional Cleaning Services To Avoid Any Accidents

Without the appropriate knowledge and cleaning tools, it’s easy to make a cleaning mistake. When in doubt, always hire professional cleaning services like Clover Carpet Cleaning. We’re a reliable cleaning company offering many residential and commercial properties cleaning services.

We always aim to give our customers exemplary service. We will go above and beyond to ensure they are content with what we provide. With many years of experience, we’ll ensure your home and your family’s safety. At Clover Carpet Cleaning, you can trust us!

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